Albuquerque Soaring Club

Aux Vaches - August 4 Safety Training Session

Our next session “Aux Vaches” is focused on landing out and will be 0930-1030 followed by 30 minutes for discussion on August 4th in the clubhouse. This and all safety training sessions now qualify for FAA WINGS credit. Bill Hill and I will be hosting this one along with some other veterans of landing places other than homeport. This session is MANDATORY for those wishing to be checked out for using club equipment for cross country flights.

Thanks again to Larry for hosting our first safety session of 2018. Those that attended are being sent emails for their FAA WINGS credit. Some of the new topics were vulnerabilities discovered by glasses wearers that have bailed out and failures of “trusted” pouches with how to overcome both. Larry also provided information directly from the manufacturers of ram style chutes. Please also be aware of the red landout bag residing in the clubhouse that Larry created to go with us on retrieve missions.

RSVP for August 4th’s safety session by emailing and as always- Safe flying out there!

Prez Geoff Aiken (MQ)

posted on: 2018-08-03